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Cha Vang

Cha Vang is the co-founder and executive director of Hmong Innovating Politics (HIP), whose mission is to strengthen the power of disenfranchised communities through innovative civic engagement and strategic grassroots mobilization. Founded in 2012, HIP set out to address the lack of representation and voices at the decision making table. Prior to being the executive director of HIP, Cha worked tirelessly as a community organizer to improve outcomes for children and families in the Sacramento region. Cha has worked on issues ranging from education to food justice. In addition, Cha has worked on multiple candidate campaigns, civic engagement, and voter education projects through Sacramento. HIP is one of six steering organizations for AAPIs for Civic Empowerment in California, which seeks to advance state and local policies, campaigns, and issues that support low-income and working class Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders through a three pronged strategy: (1) Create a statewide network comprised of high capacity organizations with a history of organizing low-income AAPIs and a commitment to increase AAPI electoral power through an integrated voter engagement model; (2) build a progressive pole within the AAPI electorate through multilingual and culturally competent direct voter contact strategies as part of a winning coalition with other communities of color, labor, and LGBTQ allies; and (3) increase statewide AAPI civic engagement infrastructure by providing training, coaching, and strategic planning to AAPI organizations throughout the state.