Build home.

Help create Moving Mountains 2019

What is possible when 175 Southeast Asian American (seaa) changemakers come together? Our mission is to create a space for the SEAA community to share successes, challenges, and ideas for moving the SEAA community into 2020 and beyond, and we invite you to help make it happen.

For our Moving Mountains 2019 schedule, SEARAC is accepting proposals for one of four kinds of activities, all of which should reflect our summit's theme of SEAA self-determination and our four guiding pillars - inspiration, connection, innovation, and activation. We look forward to “building home” together.

Follow the steps below to submit a proposal.

Proposals will be accepted through Friday, June 28th.


Step 1

Pick a session theme


Capacity Building

What skills do SEAA changemakers need in their toolbox to move the community forward in 2020 and beyond? Share knowledge to build our collective capacity.



Community Engagement

Reflect on ways to engage meaningfully community members in your mission. How can those most impacted inform, participate in, and lead the work?



Mind, Body, Soul

Start from within. Explore best practices for achieving inner alignment to sustain yourself in the work.



Policy & Advocacy

How can policy advocacy serve as a powerful tool in 2020 and beyond? Uplift the connection between community stories and policy solutions.



Diversity, Inclusion, & Racial Equity

Where are our blind spots and hurdles as a community? Address ways to address diversity, inclusion, and racial equity in our own personal and professional circles.



Artistic Expression

Showcase how different artistic mediums can connect, inspire, and activate the SEAA community. Use the space to create and innovate together.



Big Ideas

The SEAA community is multifaceted, as are the ways to go about making change. Navigate ideas that don’t fit into neat categories and challenge us to think outside of the box.


Step 2

Pick a session type



Deep Dive

90/120/150/180 minutes

These sessions aim for major impact. They can be a thorough explanation of a framework, a structured discussion of a community issue, or a solutions-oriented brainstorm. (Proposals for series of sessions that span multiple days and total 180 minutes, will be considered.)



60/75/90 minutes

Workshops are focused on building connections, skills, and/or knowledge of attendees. We are seeking workshops that are innovative whether they are focused on skills-building, information sharing, or artistic expression.



30/60 minutes

Help attendees look inward and refresh their minds. We are looking for folks to share innovative methods for all types of reflection - silent or verbal, individual or group - to offer attendees reflection spaces throughout the summit.


Focus group

60/75/90 minutes

Select a tough issue or gnarly dilemma for which you seek thought partnership and lead a discussion about challenges, lessons learned, or new solutions.

 Step 3

Submit your proposal

Whether you're just joining the national SEAA movement or are an OG, you have a valued perspective to offer to - and to gain from - your fellow SEAA community members. We encourage you to be creative and can't wait to hear your ideas!

Here’s what you’ll need for your proposal:

1. Pitch your session. Why will folks get excited about your session? (100 words)
2. How does your session integrate our theme of SEAA self-determination? How does your session address inspiration, connection, innovation, or activation regarding the SEAA community for 2020 and beyond? (250 words)
3. What is the content level of your session?
4. Who is the primary audience that will find your session most valuable?
5. What is the optimal time for your session?
6. How are local, state, or federal public policies affecting your work? (100 words)
7. Is there an advocacy action attendees can take to help? (100 words)




What are the deadlines?

Proposals will be accepted through June 28, unless otherwise noted. We will notify you about the status of your proposal in late July or early August.



Who is the audience at moving mountains?

Moving Mountains attendees will range from college students to elders, from different sectors - nonprofit, academia, grassroots organizing, direct services, philanthropy, etc.



Your proposal integrates our theme of SEAA self-determination and addresses at least one of our summit’s guiding pillars - inspire, connect, innovate, activate. Your proposal should be clear and engaging. We also encourage proposals that incorporate participatory facilitation methods or artistic expression.

A successful submission might include:

  • a clear description

  • a narrow focus

  • tangible takeaways for the audience

  • a new or interesting angle

What makes a good proposal?



Can proposals come from a team?

Yes! You can pitch an idea with friends and/or colleagues. You don’t have to be at the same organization or even in the same field.



Can i submit more than one proposal?

Yes! Just be sure to submit a separate submission form for each idea.



What happens if my proposal is selecteD?

If you are selected to present at Moving Mountains, the SEARAC team will provide the information and logistics support to make for a smooth facilitation experience. Presenters will be asked to cover their own expenses. SEARAC is committed to ensuring that presenters represent the diversity of the SEAA community, so financial assistance may be made available if there are special circumstances.